AAIC Co-Host Russian Interfaith Delegation

The Akron Area Interfaith Council (AAIC) joined Global Ties of Akron to co-host the Russian Delegation at the December 4th council meeting.  The AAIC meeting included a presentation by Eric Nelson, Executive Director of Students With A Goal (SWAG).  Mr. Nelson explained how non-profit organizations like SWAG can benefit from the interest, resources and volunteer efforts of faith institutions.  Russian delegates shared how their efforts to create and participate in interfaith dialogue has assisted their country in its efforts to overcome racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, etc.  Russian delegates also explained how they help government understand that interfaith work is worth supporting.

Photo (L-R): Alan Fortnoff/AAIC Member; Denis Mustafin/Moscow Spiritual Board of Muslims; Kary S. Lewis/AAIC President; Ekaterina Lazareva/Russian Jewish Congress; Mickey Rhoades/AAIC Member; Nataliia Anisina/Russian Jewish Congress; Dr. Surinder Bhardwaj/AAIC Member; Chaplain Tim Short/AAIC Member; Vladimir Miskevich/Russian Evangelical Christian Baptist Union; Rev. Chuck Ausherman/AAIC Member.

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