The Akron Area Interfaith Council
exists to initiate, coordinate and enable
effective interfaith responses
to the social, moral, ethical
and cultural issues of our community
and to promote freedom of
religion, equality and understanding.

3/19/21 Statement on Shootings in Georgia: The Akron Area Interfaith Council and the local interfaith community stand in solidarity with the Asian American community as it grieves the many incidents of racism and bigotry that have increased in the last year. We join with you in combating this bigotry and will work to confront the bias of those who discriminate, exploit, or exclude others.

We are told that all people are descendants from
a single person so that no person can say, “my ancestor is
greater than yours.” God created humanity from the four
corners of the earth – yellow clay, and white sand, black loam
and red soil. Therefore, the earth can not declare to any part
of humanity that it does not belong here, that this soil is not
their rightful home.


Akron Area Interfaith Council Condemns invasion of Capitol Building today

Statement on Events at U. S. Capital 1/6/21

The Akron Area Interfaith Council condemns the invasion into the Capitol building on Wednesday January 6, putting legislators and all personnel at risk for harm. While protests are appropriate for raising often unheard voices, this was a blatant disregard for property and the proceedings of democracy. We also see this as voter suppression and disregard for the democratic processes as promoted by and enabled by the current president. We urge those in faith communities to call out this extremism and articulate the meanings of peace and justice as established in our faith traditions.

AAIC has been in existence for 40 years, when faith leaders of different denominations came together to discuss issues of racism, social justice, and to promote understanding between the religions. For centuries religion has been misused to cause wars, hate and division world-wide. AAIC is a witness to the power of love and compassion for all humankind which is the basis of every faith tradition. Our organization seeks to contribute to peace in the midst of a world which continues to suffer from divisions among and between religious adherents.